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Reservoir Engineering support from Gerry Coghlan


Core Specialist Services offer the services of our associate, Gerry Coghlan, who is a widely experienced petroleum/ reservoir engineer with strong and diverse track record in field development and appraisal in multiple basins. His 34 years of experience encompasses field performance evaluation, classical reservoir engineering, numerical simulation, stimulation, reservoir management, well testing, flow assurance, problem well diagnostics, reserves, technical diligence and staff development. He has held roles in E&P operators of a wide range of sizes and consultancies.


The Value Proposition

Gerry can fit into a client team in a hands‐on capacity or can provide advice and/ or mentoring, either in‐situ or remotely. He is practised at supporting individuals from asset managers through to technical assistants.


Gerry's Accomplishments

He has a track record of being effective as ‘first receiver’ on a newly acquired asset or an unfamiliar project, progressing investment objectives but also defining long‐term resourcing requirements to which a project can be handed over.

He has a strong background in reservoir management and surveillance, allied with extensive experience using classical reservoir engineering methods. This has underpinned major technical diligence provision at both Venture and Centrica.

He has detailed experience of well flow‐testing (operations and analysis), reservoir simulation and characterisation, field development planning, production forecast generation and reserves estimation and reporting. He has represented company reserves estimates to multiple auditors and lenders.

He remains grounded regarding field operations making field visits whenever practical and is an effective communicator with operational and service provider personnel. He is comfortable and effective providing real‐time support to well operations. He has good familiarity of stimulation
practises, particularly in tight gas sands, and of flow assurance issues and remedies.

He has experience of ‐ and will readily support ‐ technical staff development, appraisal and recruitment.


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