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 Virtual Petrophysics entered a partnership with Core Specialist Services in October 2021 to provide expert petrophysics services to their clients.

Virtual Petrophysics is a remote service based company that provides Petrophysics technologies to clients around the globe. Our virtual technologies encompass the highest quality Petrophysical processing and interpretations that are fully documented and presented over the internet.

We specialise in solving petrophysical problems in difficult to evaluate reservoirs using our global experience and well tested workflows. Our expertise comes from over 300 years combined experience with the worlds largest IOC’s and Service Companies in 19 Countries, 27 Sedimentary Basins, Carbonates and Clastics, Tight Gas and Heavy Oil.

Additionally, our clients realise significant cost savings by utilising our expert processing workflows for NMR, Borehole Image and Full Waveform Sonic logs in lieu of service company field or computer centre processing.

The company is registered in Singapore, with representation in Australia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, UK, and the UAE. www.virtualpps.com, info@virtualpps.com, +64 22 4180 980


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